"I want to thank you both for a terrific experience last week. I found the session to be invaluable and very timely. Most importantly, I was extremely impressed with the passion you both shared regarding this venture."

- Kim Bishop, Executive Vice President, First Data Resources

"The bootcamp itself was excellent ... the materials on point and the dialogue pertinent. I do hope you can keep to the small numbers. For me, that was a real plus! It was also a plus that we were each at different stages in our life cycles…it was a good dynamic."

- Ellen Colemire, President/CEO, Executive Consulting Inc.

"he "boot camp" event was extremely helpful. For me personally, it was validating and therefore emboldening. I am convinced that I need to be laser focused on finding opportunities to serve on for-profit boards AND advisory boards. I now have a much better understanding of advisory boards, their objectives, their structure, and the important contributions they make."

- Lin Coughlin, President, Linkage, Inc

"Excellent presentation with experienced presenters"

- Nelson Diaz, Partner, Blank Rome LLP

"On Board Bootcamp hit the mark. Susan Stautberg and Carolyn Chin have created an important, insightful program that has prepared me for the role of independent board member. I came away ready to put what I learned into action and, thanks to Susan and Carolyn, the knowledge, insights, strategy and contacts to do so. I recommend this program to anyone interested in helping organizations succeed through board membership."

- Mike Hansen, Principal, Hansen & Associates

"Many thanks for your very instructional workshop. It was indeed most energizing and informative, truly a learning experience and an opportunity to meet some very outstanding leaders. Compared with my Army bootcamp days, I was not yelled at, not required to march with a heavy load, and was served with some of the best cuisine. I can handle this..."

- John Hwang, Associate Professor of Information Systems, College of Business Administration, California State University

"You all were very, very thorough and an invaluable source of current information; thank you and congratulations on a job well done."

- Anna Lloyd , President and Executive Director, Committee of C200

"Thank you both for an excellent bootcamp. I learned a lot, and found the whole experience very energizing to get me to think about where I want to go next."

- Sue Okubo, Associate Director for Industry Economics, Bureau of Economic Analysis

"I really enjoyed the group and learned a great deal. I also look forward to staying in touch with you"

- Raul Perea Henze, M.D., Corporate Senior Medical Advisor for Pfizer Inc

"I wanted to mention how rewarding the Bootcamp was....it was unbelievable how much information and networking you managed to include in two days. Thank you for a job well done."

- Geri Riegger, Senior Management Consultant

"Board Boot Camp really helped me understand what corporate boards need to be most effective. This sort of training will serve me well for years to come as a board member for corporate and charitable organizations."

- Lois Scott, Senior Managing Director, Scott Balice Strategies

"Susan and Carolyn have distilled the best of the best into an interactive energizing workshop packed with practical information and honest insights. An exceptional faculty of experienced directors and executive search consultants added immeasurably to the learning experience. The one-on-one coaching helped bring out my best marketable skills. I left with a clear roadmap for success."

- Tina Sung, Immediate past President & CEO, American Society for Training & Development (ASTD)

"The Board Bootcamp was an amazing experience...absolutely one of the very best training seminars that I have ever attended! Susan and Carolyn have organized an extremely professional and well organized 2-day seminar, designed exclusively for those with little spare time, that prepares one well for the board process. Their commitment toward helping their students is in itself inspiring!"

- Commander Carlos del Toro, Military Assistant to the Director and Deputy Director Programs Analysis & Evaluation, Office of the Secretary of Defense

"On Board Bootcamp is an invaluable tool for understanding the changing context by which corporate boards operate. Furthermore, the seminar provides critical strategic and tactical advice for contributing in a meaningful way to the governance of a company. I would highly recommend it to anyone that needs to understand the board selection process and responsibilities of a board member."

- Pankaj Amin, President and CEO of Affinitel Corporation

OnBoard Bootcamps is a boot camp that provides training to exisiting advisory Board members and corporate directors seeking to gain an edge. Our corporate boot camp programgives you information about boards, and helps establish an action plan. Browse these helpful links to article about OnBoard Bootcamps. Register for your boot camp today!